Location Concept Art

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With our first post of the year being a big one, we didn’t really get a chance to update you on general progress. So before the post begins, a quick update.

Our New Year’s resolution this year is to get our posts out on time, and do some more gosh damn game work. We’ve cleaned the 2018 targets off our whiteboard and it’s time to start afresh with new goals.

Already there’s a lot going on in the background that we’re sure you’ll eventually get to see but isn’t quite ready to be shown. The new version of Unity has offered us some new toys, so we’ve been playing around with fancy super power effects and pretty lighting. We have new in game models that we showed off briefly in our battle system videos, they’re still not final but they’re improving with every iteration. Menus and core game features are taking shape and starting to display all of the information needed to make a game of this scale keep on going. And, of course, we still have 2 new characters to announce. We’ve already teased one in our past posts but we plan to unleash her very soon.

Now, let’s kick off 2019 with something that we can show you, concept art!

This time the focus is on locations. Manchester has been one of our big talking points, but we think we’ve told you enough about the city for now, it’s time to show you other locations that will feature throughout the game. We’ll start with the more mundane.

Plotting and revelations take place tucked away in the corner of a small cafe hidden just off the main street. As you grow your group and take on missions you find a place to meet, the cafe becoming a familiar backdrop for side missions and group discussions.

From humble beginnings (and not so humble in the case of some) the group work their way up to lucrative missions. Despite how much we talk about Manchester, some of the game takes place further afield, overlooking London whilst infiltrating a high end function, as an example.

Even further afield, the locations of Atropos aren’t limited to England, or this plain of existence. Weird and wonderful locations appear throughout, twisting familiar surroundings, or creating new environments.

We wanted to start to show you our process, even though art isn’t our strongest point, it is the easiest to showcase. This is the first time-lapse of hopefully many, but you may notice that a lot of the time lapses start with some progress already made, because Kadan forgets to start the recording software until half an hour into work, if at all (remembering things isn’t a strong point, they’re working on it). Expect more processes for in-game art and models, and more original music to come!

– Kadan & Dan – Team Atropos

UI Designs

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Sorry for the late post this week, we’ve both got birthdays in the last half of November and things got a little sidetracked.

Since we’re starting to show off more of the game, now seems like a good time to start showing off UI designs, which honestly isn’t the most exciting subject, but UI design can sometimes make or break a game. A lot of it is very sketchy, but after all it is concept. We just hope these scribbles might help get our vision for the game across, since some elements of the UI might still look ‘functional’ compared to what we want to achieve.

This is a long one so take a look under the cut.


Battle UI: The first concept is the initial design, with the second being less fleshed out, but more up to date and a lot closer to what you’ll see when we release our dev update on the battle system very soon.

We mentioned in Q&A 1 that the combat mechanics are based around card games, and we really run with that when it comes to the UI design. Card motifs appear throughout the game, but especially in battles. These aren’t the only designs we’ve had, and they probably won’t be the last.


Menu: Our videos last week showed off the phone in it’s default form, as the overworld map, but it also takes on the role of the main menu. With apps that lead to all required functions like chatting with friends, game settings and saving. It acts as the central hub for the games menus.

At the moment the phone’s designs are in portrait, but we’ve very recently made the decision to change that to make better use of the space. We just haven’t got around to moving it all just yet.


Etherchat: A large part of the game will be spent building up friendships and dealing with everyone else’s problems. We wanted the Messaging App to feel close to the dialogue system that we’re going to show off eventually, and a lot of the UI has the distinct rhombus shape (seen in the HUD and battle UI.) We wanted a kind of comic book feel since the game, for the most part, focuses on a group of young adults with superpowers.

That’s all we have for UI at the moment. We’re still fine tuning a lot of things that function, but don’t look their best. Even now a year down the line we’re still making pretty big changes as we learn what works and what doesn’t.

Don’t worry next week will be a lot more exciting as we finally show off some actual core gameplay!

– Kadan & Dan – Team Atropos


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We recently decided to do something that we’ve been putting off for a while and took a trip to Manchester, the primary location of Atropos. The weekend we went was Pride, hence the rainbows, but despite the colourful celebrations we were there on business.

Looking over our photos from the weekend, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to let you guys know a little more about the setting and expand on Manchester and why we chose it.


We both have very close connections to Manchester and wanted to inject a little of Northern England into gaming. The game features the City Centre and Northern Quarter heavily, but with the changes that a few years and an alternate reality could bring. With that in mind, the city features not only as a backdrop, but as a part of the story. Iconic and recognisable parts of Manchester can not only be visited by the player in the semi-open world aspect of the game (similar to the Yakuza series, you are able to explore a large portion of the city) but also appear in the combat aspects of the game. However, differing from our influences and more true to life, the odds of getting attacked in the city centre in broad daylight are incredibly slim.

Of course Manchester is a bustling city, and we really want to encapsulate that and make it feel like you’re walking through the centre of a busy city filled with people, and it’s common feathered residents. We want it to adapt with the time of year, with altering weather and varying amounts of sunlight, bringing events such as Pride and the famous Christmas Markets. As the story adapts so will the surroundings, events and decisions may find the city feeling more bleak, or it could bring unexpected encounters with newly found friends. We’re hoping to make the city feel alive.

– Kadan & Dan – Team Atropos