Taking a Break

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Hi guys, it’s been a long time since we posted here, and it’s time for an update. We’ve come to the decision that it’s probably for the best we postpone the Atropos project.

Does this mean Atropos is cancelled?

No, far from it. We still want to go ahead with Atropos and our hearts are in the development, but as the project has gone on we’ve become increasingly aware of how big it is, and how much we would need to devote to the game to get it off the ground.

We still plan on working on Atropos in the background, we just won’t be as active on this blog until we’ve made the changes we need to make, and know that we’re in a place to continue with the game’s production.

Then why the break?

There have been discussions recently that involve shaking up some of the core mechanics of the game, and we want to investigate these options. A lot of our work over recent months has involved ironing out the main concepts, and with this time to reflect, the rose tinted glasses are off and we’ve come to some realisations that we believe will make the overall game feel significantly more enjoyable.

We’ve been aware since the beginning of the project that Atropos would be a big undertaking, but our first year didn’t yield as much as we’d hoped. With full time jobs and life in general getting in the way of development, it’s been hard to find the time and hasn’t left us much room for anything else.

With all of this in mind we’ve decided to focus on other games for the time being, ones that are far smaller in scope. In the long run we hope they will help us achieve our goal of taking on game development as a full time opportunity, allowing us time to focus solely on bigger projects like Atropos, and give it the time and attention it needs to be the game we believe it can be.

What now?

We’ve just made one last post before we step away, announcing our fifth character, the final member of the main cast. But from here we won’t be posting about Atropos for a while, except for maybe sporadic updates.

We’ll try to keep updating our main website and side blogs about our other projects and the progress we’re making with them. We are passionate about the smaller projects we have planned, and hope that you’ll enjoy them too.

If you want to follow the latest game we have in the pipework, or support us so we can move onto bigger projects, you can find us here in the meantime:

Website: novadawnstudios.co.uk

Facebook: www.facebook.com/NovaDawnStudios

Twitter: twitter.com/NovaDawnStudios

Tumblr: novadawnstudios.tumblr.com

Hopefully we’ll see you back here real soon.

Kadan & Dan – The Atropos Team AKA NovaDawn Studios


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Well-versed in abilities and the enemies the group has made along the way, Alex doesn’t shy away from speaking about their enemies, even if they don’t technically speak. Despite being mute Alex is extremely powerful, with a few obvious drawbacks, including the unpredictability of their powers and the chaos they have the potential to create.

Hit by a premonition featuring a group of five who will change the course of fate, Alex sets out to uncover the truth behind their vision. What they find is a government conspiracy, an escaped convict and of course, a group with four members in need of a fifth.

But that’s just a normal Tuesday for Alex.

One Year Later

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Today we’re breaking up our bi-weekly schedule, don’t worry, we’ll still be back next week, and with the next character reveal, but this weeks a little bit special.

Tomorrow marks the 1 year anniversary from the beginning of project Atropos!

When Kadan designed some characters and unveiled them this time last year, there was no expectation that anything would happen, until Dan stepped in. Suddenly a Concept Document was being created for a game that was dubbed “Kadan’s Butt game” (for a short while). It was over a month into the project that it gained the title Atropos, a name that would stick around.

We started this blog a couple of months ago to document the project and share it with the world, but when looking back over the past year it can feel like not much has happened development-wise. Admittedly a lot of the work has been background work that we can’t really show off here on the blog. But putting everything into perspective, we’re surprised by what we’ve managed to complete on top of full time jobs!

  • We’ve managed to churn out 200,000 words of Concept, plot and dialogue
  • Multiple conceptual music pieces are underway, including the much loved but halfheartedly named Tense2
  • We’ve made 10 character models, with five of them running around a virtual Manchester, even though they’re still a little confused about how walls work.
  • We have our first dungeon greyboxed, a dialogue system, animations, characters, locations and so much more that we can’t wait to show off!

Our first year has been eventful, it’s shown us the truth of indie game development, staying up late and working through weekends, spending every minute we’re not working on the game wishing that we were working on the game. We didn’t get as far as we hoped at the beginning of the year, but it’s shown us what we’re capable of and where our limits are.

Now that a lot of the groundwork has been laid, we’re ready to really start getting into the tangible parts of development and having more of that fuzzy feeling we get when we hit a milestone and remember that this is a game that we’re making. A lot has changed since the start of the project, and we’re sure there will be more changes as things progress, but now we want to take you along for the ride.

Here’s to Year 2, and whatever it throws our way.

Kadan & Dan – Team Atropos


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Atropos is a semi-open world role playing game based within the bustling heart of Manchester, England. Inspired by games such as the Persona series, the Yakuza series and The Wolf Among Us, it follows the story of five young adults and the people they meet along the way as they deal with juggling the realities of life – work, rent, social life, and the manifestation of supernatural abilities.

You take control of Agi Powell, a young woman regaining her life after a change in circumstances, who stumbles into a confusing world intertwined with the supernatural. Gaining esoteric abilities and a group of close friends, she learns to deal with an ever increasing list of threats and dangers, and aims to learn just what the hell is going on. Unfortunately, despite her unnatural skills, she’s still a millennial, and must juggle real life commitments to make sure that the bills are paid on time.

On the 11th of November, 2017, Kadan and Daniel (Us!) started the project in earnest after a brief period of preplanning. While we’re still in the very early stages of development, and it’s going to take us a long time to get to anywhere near a final game, we’re very excited to show everyone the project and include you in our progress. We’ll show you the highs (Things working) and the lows (Things not working, but in hilarious ways), from music and modelling to pathfinding and pigeon physics.

Hi, I’m Kadan! I work on the artsy aspects of Atropos, including the concepts and 3D models. Most of the art that appears in the game and on this page will be produced by yours truly. The plot and dialogue are also mostly my domain, with some considerable help from my partner in the project.

Hey there, I’m Daniel and I’m the main developer for the project. I’ll be providing a lot of the actual gameplay demos and soul destroying (but very funny) bug videos on this page, as well as some music and maybe a bit of landscape art if you’re lucky.

We admit that we’re being a tad ambitious, we hope to bring together past skills and experience to make a game that we can be proud of and that people will love. We’re putting as much effort in to making it feel like a proper studio game – even though there are just the two of us (for now) – but even if we don’t manage to hit the exact goals we want (like full mocap and expensive voice acting), we’ll hopefully end up with something just as fun and complete.

We’ll post more details about the game very soon, so feel free to join us on this adventure! We’re sure there will be many ups and downs, but in the end there should hopefully be a game…unless we get seriously lost somewhere…

– Kadan & Dan – Team Atropos