Life is completely ordinary for Agi Powell, working two jobs after dropping out of University and trying to juggle modern life as a twenty-something year old. That is, until the fire that takes her grandmother’s life and destroys her home.

Confused and suddenly homeless, Agi is forced to cash in a favour her grandmother has been saving for almost 50 years and move in with a family friend she’s never heard of.

Little does she realise that a series of events have been set in motion that could lead to disastrous consequences.


Fresh out of University, Marid moved to Manchester, justifying it through the city’s job prospects. Years later, Marid starts to wonder if maybe he would be better off leaving everything behind.

When he takes one final job in the hope it might change his mind, he discovers that the contact is cute, and it’s stupid to think that something might happen, but maybe this was what he was waiting for.

What he ends up with is a lot more than he bargained for.


Growing up surrounded by the criminal underworld, Yuuki eventually found his way at the upper ranks of a small gang. He’s not the smartest, but when it comes to people he likely knows them better than they know themselves. His talents and experience make him extremely confident in any scenario, often to the detriment of those around him, and sometimes himself.

Recent times have been hard on Yuuki when he’s shoved on yet another job – a standard harassment against someone pushing their way into his gang’s territory. Unfortunately, he quickly realises that they aren’t the second rate thugs he usually deals with. 

As his past knocks him on his ass, he’s about to become just another nameless enemy in someone else’s story.


Closed off and secretive, Oleander doesn’t form meaningless attachments, knowing that in the end they’ll just get in her way. Already aware of people with abilities and her own powers, she only has one thing on her mind, taking revenge on the people who took everything from her.

With years devoted to training and hunting she’s managed to close in on the people she’s looking for, to find them just out of reach.

A lone wolf by nature, she’ll form alliances, if it means she ultimately gets what she wants.


Well-versed in abilities and the enemies the group has made along the way, Alex doesn’t shy away from speaking about their enemies, even if they don’t technically speak. Despite being mute Alex is extremely powerful, with a few obvious drawbacks, including the unpredictability of their powers and the chaos they have the potential to create.

Hit by a premonition featuring a group of five who will change the course of fate, Alex sets out to uncover the truth behind their vision. What they find is a government conspiracy, an escaped convict and of course, a group with four members in need of a fifth.

But that’s just a normal Tuesday for Alex.